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The Thirty Years War took a big toll on this progress, and by the Battle of Prague in 1648, Prague’s population had been reduced by two-thirds back to about 20,000.A series of other calamities, including a devastating fire and a plague outbreak, further reduced the city’s population to about 13,000 by 1714.In the early 6th century, Slavic tribes entered Bohemia through the Moravian Gate valley, which is a natural depression between the Carpathian and Sudete mountain ranges. The settlement was briefly controlled by Moravia until their strength was compromised by Hungarian Magyar incursions.By 973, the Diocese of Prague was established by political agreement, with Bohemia consolidated and then deemed a state of the Holy Roman Empire in 1002.Rarely do we meet a fellow traveler who hasn’t loved Prague.Visiting Prague for the first time, we felt it was just about perfect, except for one thing: we couldn’t get enough of it!The result has been a legacy of resignation and lack of trust, even with one’s close neighbors, combined with a hopeful, yet dark and rueful sense of humor.Where else can one find a language which has words for philosophizing oneself into the madhouse (umudrovat se), forgetting something through talking too much (zakecat se), a smug vainglorious person (jed’z”ita – always masculine), one who finds it difficult to take a hint (nedovtipa), unnecessary self-censorship (pd’z”edposrd’z”nd’z” – vulgar expression, literally pre-shittedness), along with knedlikovd’z” (rather partial to dumplings)?

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These were its golden years, although religious based tensions would build.Famed astronomer Johannes Kepler, mentored by Imperial Court Astronomer Tycho Brahe, became the Imperial Mathematician and developed a new form of astronomy he called “celestial physics.” If Prague first timers have already visited northerly cities in Western Europe such as Paris, Brussels, or Munich, Prague will be delightfully different.It’s hard to put a finger on it, but the best description we can make is that Prague tips the atmospheric scale away from the German toward the Slav.This post contains affiliate links and/or references to our advertisers.

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