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But in VR, I can present my virtual self to people who are thousands of miles away.Will VR make me disillusioned with the real world, the way my baby-boomer parents fear? When I took off the headset and emerged into a white, barren office, I felt heavy.Our next destination was a campground, spread beneath a black sky.Beautiful music played, music I wanted desperately to slow dance to.My boyfriend is in a Ph D program at Wesleyan University in Connecticut, and I am working in New York.Every Friday, one of us makes the four-hour trek to the other's ramshackle shoebox apartment. We are in constant communication over Facebook, text, Skype (when we get around to it), and the various text platforms that online games have.Even now, weeks after my experience, I remember it in detail. In high school, I had a brief relationship with a teen on the opposite coast, entirely over AOL Instant Messenger. It’s a connection not tethered by proximity, one we can define and shape into whatever we want it to be.Had we been able to spend time together in Facebook Spaces, I probably would have disappeared into VR and never come out. My mom used to limit my phone and computer time when I was younger, claiming that while I stared at the screen, I was isolated from those around me. Now that he’s heard of the potential of social VR, even my cynical gamer boyfriend is excited.

But I’ve never felt the same physical craving for a friend that I have with romantic partners, the overpowering desire to be physically close, to touch.

In some ways, these dates will be unrealistic, in that everyone will embody an idealized version of themselves, one that is skinny, attractive, and regularly visits campgrounds and Disneyland.

But isn’t that kind of how relationships are anyway, in their early stages?

This was not a place to dart around corners and shoot things, the experiences for which VR is widely known.

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This was a place of beautiful intimacy, a place to be at peace.She plucked it out of the air and placed it in front of me, where it hung like a picture frame on an invisible wall.

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