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06-Jun-2017 21:22

Instead of a box or console, Chromecast is a small dongle that fits in the palm of your hand and plugs directly into an HDMI port on your television.This eliminates one wire from your setup (from device to TV), though you'll still need a connection to power your Chromecast through an electrical outlet or — if your TV has one — a USB input.The Chromecast is a nifty little device, but for now it streams only a few apps from your device or PC: Netflix, You Tube, Hulu Plus and HBO Go.That's a far cry from the streaming options found on Roku, and far short of even Apple TV's inventory.Price: .99 (Roku LT) to .99 (Roku 3) The first incarnation of the Apple TV streaming box, released at the start of 2007, predates the i Phone.The jump Apple got on its competition has paid off as the tech giant still owns more than half of the streaming device market.Consumers already have many options, and with tech titans like Amazon and Google reportedly prepping new products for 2014, you'll soon have even more.

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It's a perfect solution for anyone who wants to watch TV without disturbing others, such as a sleeping partner.The top-of-the-line Roku 3 features a motion sensor remote that turns the Roku into a rudimentary gaming device.

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