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15-Jun-2017 12:18

As the man drives, he continues to kiss the woman but tells her to stop when she aggressively grabs hold of his shirt collar.

The video cuts to the woman seemingly performing oral sex on the driver as he looks at directions and drives the car.

The horrified customer posted footage of the 'most dangerous and inappropriate ride ever' on social media after the incident in Chicago around 3am on July 17.

In the clip, a woman is seen kissing the driver and then lowering her head into his lap, while mood music plays over the stereo.

Manuel can then be heard telling the driver to pull over so he can exit the car.

In a Facebook post, Manuel clarified that his ride wasn't an Uber Pool and said he thought maybe the front seat passenger was a family member.

After the ride-hailing service allegedly offered him a credit, Manuel posted the video online to prompt Uber to appropriately respond to the complaint.

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Aner Manuel claims he was stuck in an Uber for two miles while an intoxicated prostitute groped and performed oral sex on the driver.'As soon as this situation was reported to us, we immediately removed this driver's access.' Facebook and Twitter users have agreed with Manuel and are shocked by the video.