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He stabbed his dagger into the chest of Rajpal with such force that his heart was ripped from his body. The police arrived at the scene and arrested Ilm Deen. The case went to court and Quaid-e-Azam Muhammad Ali Jinnah was his defence lawyer.Jinnah fought Ghazi Ilm Deen's case on a special request from Allama Iqbal.The Muslim population was understandably incensed and mass protests were held.Prashaad Prataab had authored Rangeela Rasool (The Colourful Prophet), under the pen name of Pandit Chamupati Lal.After a two-day journey, the body arrived in Lahore.Muslims from the whole city and millions from adjoining areas attended his funeral.As the noose was put around the neck of Ilm Din, he repeated before the huge crowd: "O people! I am sacrificing my life whilst reciting the kalimah (shahadah - testimony of faith)." The young man was killed and the authorities buried him without any Janazah (funeral) prayer being offered for him.Bear witness that I killed Rajpal to defend our last Prophet Muhammed S. Mass demonstrations broke out and there the tension between the Hindu and Muslim communities was palpable.

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The young man entered the shop, lunged forward and attacked him. Rajpals employees grabbed him and shouted for help.

Ilm Deen did not know what the publisher looked like.

He asked a few passer-bys as to Rajpals whereabouts and said that he needed to discuss something with him.

The word rangeela means colourful but can be understood in this context to mean playboy.

[Nauzbillah] Rajpal was a Hindu book publisher from Lahore.

Thus Rajpal could not be sentenced as law did not cover blasphemous criticism against religion.