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25-Jun-2017 14:35

One would be forgiven for thinking that the REC series is a further addition to the cesspool of often-poor found footage movies, but that would be disregarding the passion and intelligence of Balaguero.

The Catalonian filmmaker’s first ever credited short film was a horror movie. Fast-forward 23 years and 15 movies later and you’ll find that he is still working within the genre, actively empowering its voice in Spain and making it both commercially successful and artistically inspiring.

, Pablo Larraín is becoming a recognisable name in Hollywood.

In fact, out of this list, he is perhaps the most popular.

In fact, outings like Magdalena Albizu (Dominican Republic) Okay, You probably don’t know who Magdalena Albizu is. As of right now, Albizu is creating movies solely focused on telling the Afro-Latinx story.

She wants to add the Afro-Latinx voice – something sadly forgotten and cast aside in our communities – to the cinematic canon. In 2004, Albizu actively attempted to add Latinx voices to American cinema by helping create the Long Island Latino International Film Festival.

Even when he operates within a genre, his films aspire to something greater. It operates as a science-fiction/fantasy, but, due to its subtext of depression and abuse, it completely transcends the genre and becomes its own beast.Debuting as his first feature length English language film, Vigalondo seems destined for great things in the Hollywood canon.