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We discussed it and, although he was too tactful to admit it, I suspect things have been just as routine for him.When I opened it I was startled to see what I thought were a bunch of blank pages, but then after deeper perusal, I realized each page was a little envelope that you had to tear out of the book and pry open. And some of these tasks are meant for HIS EYES only. We somehow managed to have two hours of an empty house as our daughters were off hitting softballs (why is it everything I write now sounds to my brain like a sexual innuendo? I dropped one ice cube in the hot tea to help it cool a bit faster then headed for the darkened bedroom where I could just make Henry out, sprawled atop the coverlet like Venus on the Half-Shell. If you are at all into the adult sex toy scene then chances are you have heard a lot about the Fleshlite recently…err, I mean Fleshlight.I came home a bit disgruntled by the sexual stasis in my long-term relationship with probably the kindest, most loving man in the world.It doesn’t hurt that […] Penis curvature is an insidious and unpleasant problem for men that causes great anxiety and nerves that can remove peace of mind.If a man has a visibly curved penis, it can make him nervous in front of women in case she laughs or reacts badly when he gets it out.

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I hear a few people just bite into theirs like IDGAF, while the rest of us nervously tongue our pops. Turns out, "you can't stretch out your vagina or asshole, they're muscles." One woman who came by herself (no pun intended) asks what to do if her gums keep getting cut up during oral and everyone visibly judges her a little bit, because is she blowing a robot?But just as I'm feeling like this whole thing is way less awkward than I thought it would be, I look over at my girlfriend. Her only quote of the evening has been to tell me, "You're doing that wrong, idiot," much to the delight of the middle-aged woman next to us, when I tried to form a rudimentary hand vagina (just a C-shape with my hand, as far as I could tell) to practice licking.After a break for much-needed Prosecco, we jump right back into oral sex and anilingus.I could run into someone I know here and it wouldn't be awkward.

The class itself, "The Art of Oral Sex," is pretty much Oral Sex 101, but while we've both had oral sex — with each other no less! Our two female teachers (who apparently teach all the classes, most of Babeland's stock is geared towards women), start by walking us through what their talking points are for the evening: communication, manual stimulation, oral and anal.Babeland is a sex shop, but we we're not hit with racks of floppy dildos and rubber fists as soon as we walk in.