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This worsens in later episodes where the family, especially Peter, doesn't care about her or even love her as a part of the family, often harming her physically and emotionally.For example, shoving her face into his bottom and then farting in it in "The Tan Aquatic with Steve Zissou".

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Lois does show a slightly kinder side in "Call Girl" when she refers to Meg by her real name while dismissing Chris and Stewie as "dummy and big-head." Peter is usually the one who bears a great animosity towards her: berating her, hitting her while once on steroids in "The Father, the Son, and the Holy Fonz", even shooting her in "Peter's Daughter".

On Meg's 17th birthday in "Peter's Two Dads", her mother and father both try to hide from Meg that they don't remember her age.

Peter openly states that Meg sucks in "PTV", and Chris says the same thing about her in "Long John Peter".

She celebrated an unspecified birthday in "Papa Has A Rollin' Son".

In court in "Screwed the Pooch", Brian said that her real father is Stan Thompson.Brian does point out her similarities in looks to Peter in "Not All Dogs Go To Heaven".

Daumier was fully aware of Seymour’s work, as can best be shown by the influence which Seymour’s caricature “France Receiving the Ordinances” published in 1830 had on Daumier’s famous “Dernier Conseil des ex-Ministres” (DR1746), which appeared in 1848 in the Charivari.… continue reading »

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Bloom also posed with Perry’s pup, posting the photo to Instagram on Monday.… continue reading »

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