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It was during that period, in 1931, that a pair of aviators, John C. Massive layoffs at nearby factories in the 1970s led to local businesses drying up, which led to near bankruptcy for Robbins in the late ’80s.

Hope returned in 1997, when the cash-strapped town successfully lobbied an engineering firm to locate its mammoth, smoke-spewing trash incinerator there.

Another bears pictures of doctors who grew up in town.

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There are towns that have endured more misconduct and incompetence, though Robbins has had its share of both—the most egregious examples being the police hirings and the questionable dealings surrounding the quarry.

But they were also cheap, which meant that blacks fleeing Southern oppression during the Great Migration of the first half of the last century could afford their own places. But even then, it seemed fortune was against the town.