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Fighting to regain his freedom, Arn battles fierce enemy armies and becomes a hero.

Scenariul filmului original urmărește acțiunea din primele două volume ale trilogiei.

The cross worn by the Knights Templar (red border, white inside) is the cross of the Order of Christ, the new order formed by the Portuguese Templars made after the Knights Templar had been dissolved.

The Templar cross was solid red; the shape of it varies on historical images. essentially it is about Arn and his life from childhood to adult.

and they come to respect one another as men of honor and wisdom.

since this film involved severing of limbs and cutting throats i am puzzled why this film got a pg rating when films like die hard get a 18 rating.

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Perhaps lacking the character and inspiration of the best examples of the genre but a solid and worthy effort that's worth a look for fans of chivalrous adventure. A Scandinavian film based on the fictional character of Arn Magnusson and one of his crusades as a Knights Templar.Există și o versiune "internațională" care-l cuprinde alături de continuarea Arn: Cavalerul templier 2 într-un singur film cu o durată de cca. Arn Magnusson este un membru al puternicei dinastii Folkung din mijlocul secolului al XII-lea.El crește într-o mănăstire care aparține Cistercianilor.the answer is purely because the financial backers of the film had pull with the censorship board.

after all this is the most expensive film production in Scandinavian history. Saladin, pentru a-i mulțumi lui Arn, îl avertizează să stea departe de Ierusalim deoarece va conduce o armată mare pentru a ataca orașul.

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