The analects of confucius arthur waley online dating

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Confucius also studied a sixth classic, the Book of Music (Yue Jing). The Five Classics (except for the Yi Jing) became the sole province of Confucianism. Confucius calls a person who achieves ren a "superior person," "ideal person," or "sage." To become a superior person, a person must do the right things. Confucius saw everyone as having a duty to everyone else.

When asked for a single idea to guide a person’s actions, he answered, "What about fairness?

The first great dynasty was the Shang, which ruled much of China for about 400 years. The Zhou Dynasty clung to power for about 800 years—from 1027 to 256 B. Dropping their loyalty to the Zhou Dynasty, nobles battled one another for control of parts of China.

During this disorderly and dangerous time, Chinese society was falling apart.

This philosophy deeply influenced China throughout most of its history.

A series of dynasties, or ruling families, governed China for centuries. Barbarian tribes attacked, and the Zhou Dynasty eventually had to move its capital.

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"The moral character of the ruler is the wind; the moral character of those beneath him is the grass.What you don’t like done to yourself, don’t do to others." Confucius talked about duties in unequal relationships: parents and children, elder child and younger child, husband and wife, brother and sister, older friend and younger friend, teacher and student, ruler and subjects.

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